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“… a Lava Lamp for tweets.”

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Image Retweever is an app for iPad that allows you to interact with images on Twitter using hashtags. See what’s visually trending. Image Retweever allows users to have a hands on view of twitter images. It comes preloaded with hashtags so the moment you open the app and set up your account, images will begin to load and flow. You can watch gorgeous sunsets or delectable foods flow by. Is there a sports event like the Super Bowl or the World Cup happening? Image Retweever is the perfect companion for live events. It allows you to interact with other fans through photography.

Want to watch the Oscars or a fashion show? Just add a few hashtags, and Image Retweever will bring up all the stunning outfits. Is there a new movie that you’re jazzed about? Is your favorite tv show premiering a new season?


  • Images Selection

    You can choose what kinds of images you want to see through hash tag selection, retweeve tags that are similar to ones already chosen, and filter out inappropriate images using the NSFW filter.

  • Manipulate Images

    You can tap to see the text accompanying tweets, press and hold to move images around the screen, double tap to enlarge the image, or double tap again to minimize the image to the corner.

  • Tweet Options

    You can favorite an image tweet to you twitter account, retweet an image tweet, or save the image to your iPad.

  • Friends & Timeline

    You can view images posted onto your timeline or by friends as well as selected hash tags.


What is Image Retweever?

Image Retweever is a tweet stream visualization app. Images from hashtags and friends flow by. If you’re not sure what hashtags to use at first, don’t worry, Image Retweever comes preloaded with example hashtags.

What is the NSFW filter?

The NSFW filter is the “not safe for work filter.” It filters out the majority of images that would not be considered safe for work. However, due to the massive volume of photos and tags, not all images will be filtered.

How are images sorted out of the NSFW filter?

Think of a developer in their 50’s with a daughter. That’s me. If I wouldn’t want my daughter to see the image tweet, or I wouldn’t want her to see me looking at it, it gets filtered. The baseline for the filter was built off of #sexy.

Do I need a Twitter Account to use Image Retweever?

Yes you do need a twitter account. Sign up for twitter at For instructions on how to set up a twitter account for your iPad visit

How do I set up a twitter account on my iPad?

This can be done in the iPad instructions. For instructions on how to set up a twitter account for your iPad visit

Can I post tweets from Image Retweever?

No, you cannot post tweets from Image Retweever. This app was designed to visualize twitter. You can repost your favorite tweets. For a visualization app that allows posting, try the original Retweever app.

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